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Earth-Friendly Easter

earth-friendlyRather than plastic grass, cheap baskets and gummy candy, you can enjoy an earth-friendly Easter that fits right in with the arrival of Spring. Here’s how:

Make your own basket. Rather than buy one wrapped in cellophane and stuffed with stuff your kids will eventually throw away, create a basket that will last. Use baskets you may have received during the year and decorate them with ribbons or scarves. If you need to buy new, consider the beautiful hand made and fair-trade options at Pristine Planet.

“Green” your own grass. Skip that yucky shredded plastic stuff. Make your own “grass” by shredding paper (or the Sunday comics) or buy paper grass . Next year, get started three weeks in advance and grow actual grass you can fit in your basket.

earth-friendlyDye eggs the natural way. Warning: this method takes more time than just dropping a commercial dye tablet in a cup full of vinegar and water. But if you like do-it-yourself projects, give it a try. Use cranberry juice, pomegranate seeds, beets, raspberries, or red onion skins for pink and red. Saffron or tumeric will create yellow. Blueberries tint blue (naturally!). Yellow onion skins will create orange.

Break out the crayons. Don’t bother dying at all. Have the kids decorate their eggs using crayons and non-toxic markers.

earth-friendly EasterReuse refillable plastic eggs. If you buy plastic eggs, make sure to collect them so you can reuse them next Easter. Again for the do-it-yourselfer, use plastic eggs as a model to knit wool egg coverings that become family heirlooms.

Reconsider Easter treats. My kids’ aunt always created wonderful Easter baskets for them by filling their reusable eggs with delightful items they loved. Smaller eggs might contain colorful erasers, sparkly paper clips, hair ribbons, magnets, quarters and the occasional dollar bill. Larger eggs brimmed with small games and puzzles. Once, their eggs even contained balled-up kites! If you want to add some taste treats, fill the basket with organic chocolates and lollipops. Include a small potted plant the kids can either replant outside or tend to on a sunny windowsill inside. Be creative!

Have an outdoor Easter egg hunt. Get the kids outside on Easter morning by hiding their eggs around the yard.

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