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Home Building Resources

Green Building and Home ConstructionPlanning to renovate your home, or possibly build new? These resources can help you design an energy-efficient, resource smart house right from the get-go.

* The Green Home Guide, U.S. Green Building Council - includes "What Makes a Home Green?" guidelines, a guide for green renovation, and living green tips

* Green Home Building - features sustainable architecture designs, natural building materials, and design tips for saving energy, water and other resources

* Model Green Home Building Guidelines from the National Association of Home Builders - focuses on lot preparation, resource, water and energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and ongoing education

* Building Green - highlights new technologies that make it easier and more efficient to build or renovate a green home

* Natural Home Magazine - features new green home design products, ideas for eco-friendly building and renovation, and green home makeovers

* Green Building A to Z - examines all aspects of green building, from architecture to zero-net energy building. (While you're on the New Society website, check out the many other books they have on green building.)


recycling_symbol.jpgDonate and Recycle

If you're demolishing a kitchen or bathroom, don't trash your old cabinets, appliances or fixtures. Take the ultimate recycling step, and donate them to a charity for re-sale or give-away. Who to contact:

*  New York City:  Build It Green!NYC

*  New York/Connecticut:  Green Demolitions

*  New Jersey:  Recycling the Past

*  Chicago: Island Girl Salvage; Murco Recycling Enterprises, Inc.

*  Palo Alto, CA: Driftwood Salvage

*  Maryland:  The Loading Dock

*  Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Ohio/Kentucky, Oklahoma, Utah:

*  Iowa:  Appliant Energy

*  Appliance Recycling: Google

*  US and Canada: Habitat for Humanity ReStores



Environmental In-Box: Marmoleum, the Eco-Friendly Flooring


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