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How to Give a Gift for All Seasons

Heifer InternationalLooking for a gift that lasts beyond Christmas morning – not at the landfill, but in someone’s heart?

  • – Support this effort, launched by Brad Pitt and some of America’s most accomplished environmental architects, to build 150 eco-homes in New Orleans’ Katrina-devastated 9th ward. Your contributions can buy faucet aerators ($5), low VOC paint ($25/gallon), tankless water heaters, ceiling fans, linoleum floors, landscaping, and more. Want to help “Santa” furnish the entire house? You can - for a mere $150,000.

  • – Remember the old lesson, about teaching a person to fish? Heifer International teaches people in developing countries to farm and raise llamas, too, all in an effort to help them become more self-supporting. You can get in on the action, by giving a deserving family a flock of ducks, a trio of rabbits, sheep for wool, and much more.

  • – When you protect the environment, you protect people, and vice versa. On behalf of family or friends, donate to an environmental group that is doing work you wish you could, but perhaps don’t have the time or expertise for. You can find a listing of the nation’s top conservation and preservation organizations at

  • - Trees restore damaged forest ecosystems, give us cleaner air and clearer water, build life in our communities and provide animals with homes and nourishment. American Forests will plant trees in the name of the people on your holiday gift list. For $1 per tree (15-tree minimum), the non-profit organization will send your gift recipient a personalized certificate. You can choose to plant trees on the hurricane-damaged areas of the Gulf coast, in wildfire-burned areas of California, or to protect the Mexican habitat of the Monarch butterfly.

  • – What would a holiday list be without a little chocolate, even though this organic treat is guaranteed not to last much past Christmas morning? And no matter how fast you eat it, it actually does endure, since every time you buy cocoa products grown, like Dagoba, without the use of pesticides you protect the planet and help cocoa farmers live a more sustainable life. You can opt for pint-sized bars perfect for stocking stuffers or a sampler box of milk, dark and flavored bars for the Dagoba devotee. You might even leave Santa some organic chocolate with his milk in place of a couple of cookies.


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Enjoy, and happy holidays!



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