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Stay Cool: Find a Tree

Major cities are planting more trees to beat the heat
By Diane Dietz, The Register-Guard
July 10, 2007

house_trees.jpgWhen you head out into the 100-degree blast furnace of a day today, remember that trees may be your best friend.

That's right: Big leaf maple, walnut, oak and catalpa are out there on the city street corners, prepared to offer you a critical service, according to forestry researchers.
Their shade will be welcomed this week as a strong ridge of high pressure and offshore east winds will bring us a heat wave of 100 degrees today, 95 on Wednesday, 90 on Thursday and 85 for the four days after that, the National Weather Service predicts.

Trees can help by dropping city temperatures, preserving pavement, foreshortening the release of gasoline vapors from parked cars, and offering city dwellers a scientifically validated peaceful and easy feeling.
No kidding. Full story...

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