This Eco-Friendly Dog Food Bowl Rocks – Literally!

Ecofriendly dog food bowl

If you’d like your dog to eat more slowly and get some brain stimulation while he’s at it, this eco-friendly dog food bowl from Paw5 , called the Rock ‘N Bowl, could be just the thing.

Note: This post is sponsored by Paw5.

Here’s how it works:

eco-friendly dog food bowl♥ The bowl is actually a sort of puzzle. First, you fill the top of the bowl, which adorably looks like a paw print, with dog food.

♥ Holes in the paw top allow some of the  food to fall through to the bottom of the bowl as the dog is eating.

♥ Fido or Fifi smells the food in the bottom of the bowl and begins knocking the bowl over to get the food to fall out of the holes in the sides of the bowl.

♥ The design keeps the dog from eating all its food quickly, and also forces the dog to have to think to get the rest of the food out of the bowl.

eco-friendly dog food bowl

Why Is It So Good For Your Dog?

The Rock ‘N Bowl feeds (no pun intended) your dog’s instincts for foraging, like it would do in the wild.

It also helps slow your dog down when it’s eating. A hungry dog might snarf down a bowl full of food in less than a minute. This bowl helps the dog take its time.

Plus, the bowl stimulates your dog’s brain by forcing it to solve a problem if it wants to eat. All good!

What Makes the Rock ‘N Bowl “Eco Friendly”?

Dogs can be as susceptible to toxic chemicals in products as people are. This bowl is made of phthalate-free plastic, so your dog won’t be ingesting any chemicals that could mess with its reproductive hormones. 

The bowl, which holds four cups of food, is manufactured in the U.S., using a closed-loop, zero-waste manufacturing process. 

It’s also durable and dishwasher-safe. 

eco friendly dog bowlAt Big Green Purse, we’re constantly urging you to shift your spending to greener products as a way to protect yourself and your family, and send a message to manufacturers to clean up their act. You can make those same shifts to protect your dog, and motivate companies that manufacture products for our pets to get rid of any toxic chemicals they might be using.

Thumbs Up, Paw5!

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NOTE: Sponsored posts allow us to introduce you to eco-friendly products that you might not otherwise be aware of. Please know that our editorial opinions remain our own. We do not feature products that don’t meet our criteria for sustainability. Thanks.


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