Easy #EarthDay Action: Go Paperless

I usually don't like info graphics but this one makes it very clear why it's important to use less paper. Thought many of us have already cut back on the amount of junk mail we receive and documents we print, here are five resources that will help you get to almost zero paper in no time. What strategies do you use to save paper?

  • 1. Swap your print catalogs for digital catalogs via Catalog Spree
  • 2. Stop unwanted paper mail via PaperKarma
  • 3. Read your magazines on apps like Zinio
  • 4. Read your newspapers on your iPad with apps like Flipboard
  • 5. Subscribe to e-statements from your banking and financial institutions

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One Response to Easy #EarthDay Action: Go Paperless

  1. Jennifer April 28, 2013 at 2:46 am #

    The price of digital books and magazines has to come down to encourage more people to go with this option. Publishers don’t have the overhead costs for paper, printing and shipping with digital books and magazines yet they almost always cost more. Your book The Big Green Purse right now on amazon.com cost $7.18 for paperback and $18.27 for kindle!

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