Clean Power Plan Benefits: 3 Ways It Will Keep You From Getting Sick

A big advantage of the Clean Power Plan is that it will keep you from getting sick. Here are three specific ways the Plan will help you stay healthy.


protect kids from air pollution1) Less Asthma – If you already suffer from asthma, or may be prone to getting it, the Clean Power Plan will help by reducing the air pollution that makes asthma worse. In fact, according to an analysis by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with the Clean Power Plan in place, kids will suffer up to 90,000 fewer asthma attacks.

Clean Power Plan Benefits2) Less Respiratory Distress – Even if you don’t suffer from asthma, you could suffer from breathing difficulty related to the smog and other pollution generated when power plants burn coal. In fact, your community might be one that suffers from “Code Red” or “Code Orange” days because coal burning is polluting the air so heavily. The Clean Power Plan will finally get utilities to use energy much more efficiently, as well as switch over to solar and wind energy. All that means that less polluting coal will be burned. You’ll be able to breathe easier and not have to stop running or playing outdoors because the air is too toxic to breathe.

Clean Power Plan health3) Fewer Heart Attacks – Air pollution puts a lot of pressure on your heart. When you are breathing dirty air, your heart actually has to work harder to keep oxygenated blood flowing. That’s why people who live in cities where the air is smoggy suffer more heart attacks than people who live in cleaner air. The White House projects that up to 3,600 lives will be saved each year when the Clean Power Plan is fully enacted.

This terrific infographic from EPA explains the many benefits of the Clean Power Plan in greater detail.

Clean Power Plan benefits

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