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packaging waste

Why You Should Make Your Own Box

Packaging waste is a major concern for consumers and businesses alike. In large part, that’s because businesses often don’t use the right size box for what they’re shipping out, which requires extra padding materials that create even more waste. It never would have occurred to me as a business owner to make my own boxes, but […]

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reusable wrapping

The 15 Best Ways to Reduce Holiday Waste

We already throw away too much stuff, but during November and December, the problem is almost ridiculous. According to Use Less Stuff, Americans throw away one million extra tons of trash a week! Sure, maybe some things you think you HAVE to throw away. But what if you didn’t have all that trash in the […]

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plastic-free kitchen

9 Steps to a Plastic-Free Kitchen

Plastics are so passe. They’re usually made of petroleum and chemical additives that can disrupt our reproductive systems and cause learning disabilities in kids. They’re sold as “indestructible” but break into tiny pieces that float in rivers, lakes and oceans until birds, fish and turtles swallow them thinking they’re food. Plastic bags create unsightly litter […]

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Office Green Cleaning

Office Green Cleaning 3 Ways

  People spend almost a third of their lives at work, yet many offices and industries haven’t taken important steps to “green” their offices. That’s a mistake, for two key reasons: ·         1) Research shows that productivity increases when people work in a healthier environment. ·         2) Cleaning green can actually save companies money by […]

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go paperless

Easy #EarthDay Action: Go Paperless

Though many of us have already cut back on the amount of junk mail we receive and documents we print, here are five resources that will help you get to almost zero paper in no time. What strategies do you use to save paper? 1. Swap your print catalogs for digital catalogs via Catalog Spree 2. […]

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