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6 Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes That are So Tasty You Won’t Miss Meat

Barbecues aren’t just for meat lovers! If you’re a vegetarian, you can still enjoy some great grilled food. Try these 6 vegetarian barbecue recipes and you’ll see what I mean. 1) Cherry Tomato-Onion-Mushroom-Sweet Pepper Kebabs With Brown Rice Many vegetables taste delicious when grilled. The trick is to choose veggies that won’t fall apart on a grate […]

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natural fig bars

Fragrance, Fitness and Fig Bars? Only in this Month’s EcoCentric Mom Box

If you like surprises, an EcoCentric Mom Box is just the thing for you. Every month, this box full of eco-goodies shows up at my door and I have no idea what’s going to be inside. I hate to admit it, but I always hope there will be some new food try, and generally there […]

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