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eating superbugs with your burger

Is Perfume at Work Making You Sick?

Do you hate the thought of going to the office because you can’t stand the overpowering smells of aftershave or perfume at work? Air pollution at work due to fragrances your colleagues wear has become almost as big an issue as secondhand smoke used to be. Both are about indoor air quality and public health. Secondhand […]

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natural fig bars

Fragrance, Fitness and Fig Bars? Only in this Month’s EcoCentric Mom Box

If you like surprises, an EcoCentric Mom Box is just the thing for you. Every month, this box full of eco-goodies shows up at my door and I have no idea what’s going to be inside. I hate to admit it, but I always hope there will be some new food try, and generally there […]

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Your Big Green Muscle is Getting J&J to Make Its Baby Shampoo Safer

Moms, consumer groups, nurses, and other health professionals have succeeded in getting Johnson & Johnson to begin to remove toxic chemicals from its baby shampoo. Two years ago, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reported that J&J's baby shampoo contained quarternium-15, which releases formaldhyde, as well as the chemical product 1,4-dioxane. Both formaldehye and dioxane are […]

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