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non-toxic shampoo

Start the New Year Using Non-Toxic Shampoo

Here’s a simple resolution to start 2016 with: Switch to non-toxic shampoo. Why does it matter? Here’s the lowdown. Many shampoos contain a potent cocktail of chemicals that include synthetic fragrances, phthalates, antibacterial agents, dyes and colorings. None of these ingredients are good for either you or the planet. Χ – Synthetic fragrances and phthalates […]

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best eco labels

The 13 Best Eco Labels To Help You Shop Green

Green shopping can be confusing! Many products claim to be “natural,” “eco-friendly,” and “biodegradable.” But what in the world does that mean? Unfortunately, because there’s no standardized definition for any of these words, they’re actually meaningless. In fact, many companies intentionally use vague words to market their products as if they’re better for you and the […]

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