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The 10 Most Toxic Items at the Garden Center

Follow these precautions to avoid the most toxic garden center items when you visit your nursery. 1) PVC Garden Hoses Tests conducted by the consumer testing group Healthy Stuff showed that garden hoses made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic contain phthalates and are among the most toxic garden center items you’ll find. Phthalates help keep plastic […]

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16 Microgreens2

16 Microgreens You Can Grow in a Jar or a Box

Microgreens pack a lot of delicious punch in a tiny pouch (well, leaf to be exact). I started eating them almost by accident. I was weeding mustard greens out of a community garden patch, and rather than toss them into the compost, I just started nibbling on them. They were much tastier than the full-grown […]

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Best Non-Gasoline Powered Lawn Mower Options

Gasoline-powered lawn mowers may be powerful. But they’re also a big source of air pollution. For each hour of operation, says the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, “one gas-powered lawn mower emits 11 times more air pollution than a new car.” In fact, emissions from the forty million American lawn mowers in use, along with other […]

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