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What is a CSA?

What is a CSA? Delicious Organic, Locally Grown Food

If you’re looking for delicious natural, organic food, consider signing up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  CSAs are a great way to enjoy fresh, seasonal produce all summer long while supporting your local farmers. If you’re interested, the time to sign up is now. Here’s how CSAs work: A farmer sells a certain […]

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Organic Vodka & “Green” Gin

If wines and beers aren't your drinks of choice, check out eco-friendly companies like Altitude Spirits in Thornton, Colorado which produces its Vodka 14 (pictured left) using organic corn and rye, along with Rocky Mountain spring water. Other options?  Rain Organics Vodka Square One Organic Vodka  Sunshine Vodka  Shadow Spirits Organic Vodka Maison Jomere's Organic Vodka and Juniper Green London Dry […]

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Top Ten Ways to Buy Fair Trade

“Fair Trade” refers to the way products are grown or manufactured. Fair Trade principles ensure that: * laborers are paid a decent wage for their work * children have not been forced into abusive labor practices * farmers use sustainable agricultural practices that minimize pesticide use and promote soil and water conservation, and manufacturers generally reduce use […]

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Water. Use it Wisely.

Did you make a cup of tea or throw in a load of laundry before starting to read this post? You probably could have, given the easy acess most of us have to clean water. One person of every three on the planet today isn't nearly so fortunate, according to the International Water Management Institute, […]

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