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6 Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes That are So Tasty You Won’t Miss Meat

Barbecues aren’t just for meat lovers! If you’re a vegetarian, you can still enjoy some great grilled food. Try these 6 vegetarian barbecue recipes and you’ll see what I mean. 1) Cherry Tomato-Onion-Mushroom-Sweet Pepper Kebabs With Brown Rice Many vegetables taste delicious when grilled. The trick is to choose veggies that won’t fall apart on a grate […]

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best eco labels

The 13 Best Eco Labels To Help You Shop Green

Green shopping can be confusing! Many products claim to be “natural,” “eco-friendly,” and “biodegradable.” But what in the world does that mean? Unfortunately, because there’s no standardized definition for any of these words, they’re actually meaningless. In fact, many companies intentionally use vague words to market their products as if they’re better for you and the […]

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real olive oil

How To Tell Real Olive Oil From Fake

  Is olive oil the go-to oil in your house for cooking, roasting, marinating, and salad dressings? Mine, too – which is why I was shocked to read a report, originally produced in 2010 by the University of California – Davis and the Australian Oils Research Laboratory, that found that a lot of imported olive oil […]

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