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How to Celebrate Easter, Plastic-Free

Easter can turn into one big plastic trash pile if you’re not careful. Go Easter shopping anywhere and you’re likely to be overwhelmed by plastic eggs, plastic grass, plastic baskets, plastic bunny rabbits, plastic Pez candy dispensers, plastic ducks, and plastic bags that hold all this stuff. By the end of Easter Sunday, you’ll be […]

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green easter

“Green” Easter

How do you celebrate Easter? At our house, it’s a time to enjoy the rebirth of Nature, the renewal of our spirits, and the arrival of a long-anticipated Spring. We try hard not to get caught up in the commercialization of this holiday and don’t go overboard making big flashy Easter baskets or buying lots of […]

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Earth-friendly Easter

Have an Earth-Friendly Easter

Rather than plastic grass, cheap baskets and gummy candy, you can enjoy an earth-friendly Easter that fits right in with the arrival of Spring. Here’s how: Make your own basket. Rather than buy one wrapped in cellophane and stuffed with stuff your kids will eventually throw away, create a basket that will last. Use baskets […]

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