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Is the iPad just more e-waste?

 When Apple debuted its much-awaited iPad on Wednesday in San Francisco, one of the first attributes founder Steve Jobs touted was the gadget's eco-friendly specs.  But how "green" can an electronic device like this really be? Greenpeace recently released its analysis of electronics manufacturers: Nokia and Sony Ericsson came out way ahead of the pack; Apple didn't fare […]

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Recycle Electronics

Recycling Electronics? Swipe Them Clean First

Want to recycle your computer but worry about keeping your data confidential? This fix makes recycling electronics easy, safe and secure. Use one of the options below to erase all personal and professional data from your hard drive and desk top. has the only “web-deployable” software on the market.  For $23.95, you can download and use […]

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Greenpeace 2012 Electronics

Best Electronics Create Least E-Waste, Climate Change

Greenpeace has just issued its annual electronics guide that focuses specifically on e-waste and climate change. According to the report, consumers can make their money matter by favoring the mobile phone, computer, TV and games console manufacturers that have the best policies and practices on toxic chemicals and equipment take-back. Consumers can also favor electronics […]

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