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Big Green Purse

Use Your Spending Power to Create a
Cleaner, Greener World

By Diane MacEachern

Big Green Purse Urges Women to Use Their Consumer Clout to Protect the Environment – and Themselves. Plus, Going Green is a Great Way to Save Money.

Diane MacEachern’s message is simple but revolutionary. The way you spend your money makes a difference. You can help solve the environmental crisis – and protect yourself and your family, too, based on what you buy. Women spend $.85 of every dollar in the marketplace. Let’s use that clout to make our world a better place!

PLUS – Going green is one of the smartest, most practical ways to save money. Think you can’t afford to go green? Think again. Using the tips in the Big Green Purse book will save you over $5,000 a year – guaranteed!

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Big Green Purse includes 12 stand-alone chapters, but you don’t need to read them one after the other. Simply open the book to the information you need and get started making the changes you want to live a greener life. Here’s what’s inside:

Table of  Contents

1) If It Can happen to an Alligator, Can It Happen to Your Son? Why Your Big Green Purse Matters

2) Cutting Through the Confusion: The Big Green Purse Principles

3) Beauty…or the Beast? Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

4) Car Talk…and More: Driving and Transportation

5) Hot Stuff: Coffee, Tea, Cocoa – and the Skinny on Chocolate

6) We Are What We Eat: Fruits, Veggies, Dairy, Meat, Poultry and Seafood

7) Clean and Green: Cleansers, Scrubs, Polishes and Fresheners

8) Eco Chic: Clothing, Accessories, and Jewelry

9) Garden of Eden: Lawn, Garden, and Patio

10) Kid Stuff: Babies and Children’s Food, Gear and Toys

11) Plugged In: Lights, Appliances, and Electronics

12) Home, Green Home: Furniture, Paint, Flooring, and Fabrics

PLUS:  “Little Black Book,” a great collection of useful green shopping links and sources for more expert green guidance.

Get Your Copy of Big Green Purse Today!

NOTE: Discount copies are available when you book Diane to speak at your event.

Rave Reviews:

Big Green Purse is …

“a marvellous reference book”

“a must-have for the American woman”

“like having a big green mama right there on your front porch…”

“a must read, save, refer-to book that will get us through the next critical decision-making years”

“a wealth of information”

“one of the best, most comprehensive guides I’ve ever come across”

“an easy and practical book”

“a must-read book”

Treehugger: “This is a marvellous reference book to keep by your shopping list…a first-rate guide… This book is a must have for the American woman.”

Laurie David, producer, “An Inconvenient Truth” – “If you take just a few suggestions from Big Green Purse, you will be on your way to being part of the solutioninstead of part of the problem.”

Glamour magazine – Big Green Purse is “Every Woman’s Guide to Going Green” – Calls Big Green Purse founder Diane MacEachern an “eco expert” who is “tops” in the field.“The thing I love most about “Big Green Purse,” is that, well, it’s like having a big green mama right there on your front porch, rocking the day away, just waiting to spout out answers to any question you can conjure. Want to know which coffee brands are best to save the songbirds of the Costa Rican rain forest? “Big Green Purse” spells it out. Ever thought of recycling your car? “Big Green Purse” tells you which parts might be ripe for resurrection, and then counts out 10 ways to use less gas that’ll make you slap yourself upside the head, asking, “Why didn’t I think of that before?”

Mary Hunt, In Women We Trust – “The most important book your book club will read this year…a “must read, save, refer to” book that will get us through the next critical decision making years.”

Body + Soul – “If money talks, Diane MacEachern is using hers to say “Save the Planet.” … MacEachern has shopped green for 20 years and has lots of tips for what’s worked for her and what hasn’t…”

More magazine  – Reporter Patti Greco says she’s “addicted” to because “MacEachern exposes bogus green products in her “Thumbs Down” column.” Those Thumbs Down pointers feature prominently in the Big Green Purse book, too!

Plenty magazine – “Best-selling environment writer Diane MacEachern shows women — who spend 85 cents of every dollar in the marketplace — how to start wielding their purchasing power for the good of the planet, and buying green as if their lives depended on it. Worth toting around in your bag or glove compartment…” – “Big Green Purse: Use your spending power to create a cleaner, greener world”  by Diane MacEachern is a fat compendium of tips on how to buy everything from furniture to cosmetics that is more environmentally-friendly, without getting bamboozled by greenwashing.”

Yvonne DeVita, – “Get your copy today! MacEachern doesn’t mince her words and she isn’t soft-pedaling this issue. She’s a warrior princess, a fighter, a Queen, and she is not taking prisoners. She’s out to help save the environment – but she can’t do it alone. We’re her army. Buy her book… and join the fight.”

Tulsa World: “An Eco-Friendly Initiative Is Aimed At Women”: “First, she wants to “dispel the notion that women don’t have an impact,” MacEachern said. “That old expression, ‘money talks,’ well, who do you think is listening?” she asked. That’s why Big Green Purse is encouraging 1 million women to shift at least $1,000 of money they already spend for an initial $1 billion Big Green Purse impact, according to the initiative’s official Web site, The site offers lifestyle tips and shopping suggestions, from food and cosmetics to appliances, furniture and cars. – “MacEachern offers concrete and immediate ways that women can take action and make a difference. Empowering and enlightening, Big Green Purse will become the “green shopping bible” for women everywhere who are asking, “What can I do?” – “Big Green Purse is one of the most comprehensive, best organized guides I’ve ever come across – and I’ve come across quite a few – on personal environmentalism. Ms. MacEachern clearly and carefully sets forth how we can reduce consumption, make our voices heard, and wield real power with those purchases that we choose to make. She covers everything from beauty products to lawn care to food and advocates borrowing, renting, buying used, cutting back, or making do instead of simply buying new. In each section, she debunks myths, explains relative impacts, and gives a variety of tips from light to dark green.” – “Use it as a manual rather than a book to read from cover to cover…The chapters are self-contained and allow you to quickly research the greenness of your next car purchase or grocery trip.”

Jean’ – “Must Read Book…If you don’t know of it, google it. Everyone in this world should have it with them every time they shop.”

Lively Librarian – “Must Read Book…the author has excellent suggestions on how consumers can change their lives and change the world.

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