prevent breast cancer

Shift your Spending to Prevent Breast Cancer

A comprehensive review of the scientific research into what causes breast cancer was released last month, and the news isn’t good. It’s not surprising, either: Women face daily and widespread exposure to hundreds of chemicals that can cause tumors in our mammary glands. Those chemicals include diesel exhaust, chemicals that are put into personal care […]

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Greenwash in a Toothpaste Tube

Will you get closer to Nature if you brush your teeth with Crest’s Nature’s Expressions? The company sure wants you to think so. Its new marketing campaign offers “a hint of nature with the protective power of Crest.”  Just how does Crest slip a little Nature into its tubes?  Mostly, by the power of suggestion. […]

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Meet these Blogs for Eco Moms

It may not always be easy being green, but moms sure seem to know how to make it creative! Heather and Renee, the two moms who blog at EnviroMom, have started a GreenGroups movement in Portland, OR to inspire other green moms to get together, share resources and ideas, and generally support each other’s efforts […]

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Bring Hybrid Mini-Vans to the U.S.

You know you should save gas when you drive, but you hate to give up your mini-van for a hybrid sedan, even if it is more fuel-efficient. How will you ever transport the kids, their friends, their sports gear, the dog, the groceries, and everything else from home to school to playing field and back […]

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Beat High Gas Prices

Gas prices are barreling towards $4.00 a gallon, and it’s not even Memorial Day, the holiday that normally kicks off the high summer gas season. What’s driving the price spike? You’ve heard it before: supply, and demand. Supply has been shrinking for years – ever since the first oil well was tapped decades ago. But […]

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How would you spend $456 billion?

Unbelievable as it seems, the total cost of the Iraq war may reach $456 billion in September, according to the National Priorities Project, an organization that tracks public spending. That amount got editors at The Boston Globe wondering: What would $456 billion buy? With just one-sixth of the US money targeted for the Iraq war, […]

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