Let’s Party!

There’s a great new free on-line portal just opening its virtual doors that helps you give a party or go to one … as long as there’s a good intention behind it. “Party4APurpose.com” bills itself as a “philanthropic catalyst.” In other words, it wants to help people who are organizing any kind of event – […]

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Stop buying toys made in China

This week’s revelations that toys and jewelry made in China contain high levels of lead  is the last straw. It’s time to stop buying toys made in China. The story in USA Today about the crisis is particularly alarming. In the last four years, the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued 27 recalls […]

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5 Steps for Fresh Indoor Air

Keeping our homes closed up against the heat of the summer tends to rob rooms of fresh indoor air and make the whole house a little stuffy. But no matter what the season, the US EPA says the most energy-efficient, cost -effective, and non-toxic way to deal with stale air is “Source Control” of indoor […]

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Act… with BlogHer

On June 5, BlogHer asked its members to nominate the “red-hot issue” on which its 11,000 member community could make the greatest difference. Imagine the impact “if every member of BlogHer … focused our considerable brainpower, ingenuity and influence on one red-hot issue,” prodded Elisa Camahort.  “How about if that one red-hot issue was the […]

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Give Organic Farmers a Fair Chance

Ever wonder why just 3% of the fruit you can buy is free of potentially dangerous pesticides? Or only 2% of vegetables? Or less than 0.02% of corn? It’s not a simple matter of “that’s all that farmers grow.” Organic farmers competing against conventional agricultural interests (i.e., the ones that use pesticides and herbicides) don’t […]

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The circus leaves town

This week’s two-ring eco-circus – in Germany and on Capitol Hill – provided another all too pointed reminder of why we need to use our marketplace clout to protect the environment: As they proved once again, the President and our elected officials in Washington, D.C. sure aren’t going to do it for us. President Bush […]

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