The 7 BEST Benefits of a Green Home

Wondering whether you should make the switch to a green home? Based on my own fabulous experience living in a green home for almost 30 years, I highly recommend it.  But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s my breakdown of the 7 best benefits of a green home, with thanks to Home Improvements […]

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stop climate change

On Nov. 8, Vote to Stop Climate Change

On November 8, you can vote to stop climate change. Will you? On Friday, November 4, the Paris Agreement on climate change is set to formally go into effect. It aims to stop climate change in its tracks by significantly reducing the emissions that cause global warming while increasing the amount of energy we get from […]

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Hip Hop Caucus climate change

Hip Hop Caucus Makes Climate Change Reason to Vote

Can you rap if you can’t breathe? Or if you’re trying to survive a Category 5 hurricane? Nope. In fact, you can’t do much if the air stinks, or if you’re battling catastrophic floods and winds. Reverend Lennox Yearwood, the President and CEO of the non-profit Hip Hop Caucus, gets it. That’s why he’s mobilizing the […]

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How Carpet Cleaning Almost Killed Me

Did carpet cleaning almost kill me? Well, not exactly. But it did make me so sick, I suffered for several days with what felt like a terrible flu. Turns out, it wasn’t the flu. It was an unexpected and very severe reaction to the chemical compounds in the cleaning fluid I was using to clean my […]

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Toxic Halloween Face Paint is Bad News For Kids

A New Report Says: Over 50% of Face Paint and Cosmetics Marketed to Kids Are Toxic You would’t knowingly paint your kids’ faces with questionable chemicals and heavy metals, right? Yet, that might be what you end up doing if you buy standard Halloween face paint and other kid-oriented cosmetics, says a new report. The […]

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