Clinton Trump Environment

Clinton, Trump, the Environment: Where Do They Stand?

When it comes to protecting the environment and promoting a clean renewable energy future, where do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand? Yale Environment 360* pulled together this very useful comparison, which shows a sharp divide between the two candidates, especially when it comes to climate change, renewable energy, and the value placed on scientific […]

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community solar power

Sign Up For Community Solar Power ASAP! Space Limited.

Solar power is good. But getting access to solar power? That can be hard, especially in tree-lined neighborhoods or crowded cities where you can’t put solar panels on your own roof. Community solar power projects are coming to the rescue in states across the country, including New York. They’re building solar gardens on old industrial […]

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organic trail mix

Organic Trail Mix Makes Great Lunch, Snack

I’m always short on time and long on hunger pangs, but I hate eating junk food to stop my stomach from growling. That’s why, when I had the chance to try the organic trail mix that Lucky Vitamin sells, I jumped at the chance. I was not disappointed! The Trail Mix was packed with just […]

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energy-efficient metal roofs

3 Surprising Facts That Might Make You Consider Energy-Efficient Metal Roofs

I am not a roofing expert, but I’ve been following tech developments on eco-friendly, energy efficient roofing options. Here is some very useful information about the benefits of installing a metal roof, rather than one composed of shingles, slate, or concrete, sponsored by Global Home, Inc., a company that installs energy-efficient metal roofs. The author, […]

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