become an eco friendly company

10 Ways to Become an Eco Friendly Company

Eco-friendly. It’s such a buzz word in the world of business these days. But the truth is, many people talk the talk but don’t really walk the walk – simply because they’re don’t know how to get started. If this sounds like you, take a minute to read this post. With the help of sponsor CityDocs, I’ve […]

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Are You Eating Superbugs With Your Burger?

  “Superbugs” are not creepy crawly insects. They are bacterial organisms that can make you very sick. They’re called “superbugs” because they can’t easily be controlled with medicine. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be eating superbugs with your burger! According to research conducted by Consumer Reports, superbugs are proliferating in conventionally-produced ground beef. […]

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Natural Talc-Free Powder Alternatives

7 All Natural Talc-Free Powder Alternatives

    Are you looking for all natural, talc-free powder alternatives? If you’ve heard about the woman who died from ovarian cancer that may have been caused by her using talc, you may be wondering what you can use instead. I pulled together this list of safe and healthy options for you. How Did The Woman […]

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plastic free easter featured image2

How to Celebrate Easter, Plastic-Free

Easter can turn into one big plastic trash pile if you’re not careful. Go Easter shopping anywhere and you’re likely to be overwhelmed by plastic eggs, plastic grass, plastic baskets, plastic bunny rabbits, plastic Pez candy dispensers, plastic ducks, and plastic bags that hold all this stuff. By the end of Easter Sunday, you’ll be […]

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