5 Green Updates that Increase the Value of Your Home (1)

5 Green Updates that Increase the Value of Your Home

Why should you update your home to make it more eco-friendly? First and foremost, it will make it a healthier, more satisfying place to live. I don’t know anyone who says “My home is “green” – and I hate it!” Just the opposite is true. Homes that are painted with No VOC paint and cleaned […]

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plants poison pets

Do You Know Which Plants Can Poison Your Pet?

As green and glorious as your yard may be, it could also be packed with hidden hazards for your pet. In fact, it could be packed with hazards precisely because it’s green and glorious, as hundreds of plants are potentially poisonous to dogs and cats. We’ve teamed up with PetInsuranceU.com to bring you this list […]

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packaging waste

Why You Should Make Your Own Box

Packaging waste is a major concern for consumers and businesses alike. In large part, that’s because businesses often don’t use the right size box for what they’re shipping out, which requires extra padding materials that create even more waste. It never would have occurred to me as a business owner to make my own boxes, but […]

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