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Big Green Purse at Work gives executives, entrepreneurs and employees tools and tactics to help their companies meet their financial, environmental and sustainability goals at a price they can afford.

We were founded by Diane MacEachern, an award-winning eco entrepreneur and best-selling author with more than three decades experience guiding consumers and businesses in sustainability.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations,small and medium-sized businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

  • We work closely with human resource managers and a company’s offices of diversity, women, and sustainability to develop and implement programs that inspire and engage employees and customers in company initiatives.
  • We help trade associations develop initiatives to meet their members’ sustainability needs.
  • We are particularly adept at helping women business owners and managers develop and implement sustainability solutions that enable their companies to increase profitability while going green, whether the business is a one-woman, home-based operation or a multi-million dollar venture.


Expert Content for Newsletters, Blogs, Websites 

Employee Engagement


Speeches, Panels, Roundtable Discussions

Campaign Support

Customer Outreach


Content  – Many companies engage Big Green Purse when they need unique, inspiring, expert content for the blogs, newsletters and websites they offer their employees, customers and clients.

  • Community Business Partnership: To enable its clients and subscribers to adopt greener business practices, Community Business Partnership runs a Big Green Purse business tip in the monthly newsletter it sends to businesses across northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.
  • Ceridian: Ceridian turned to Big Green Purse when it wanted to add a comprehensive green lifestyle section for employees on the company IntraNet. We identified over a dozen topics, then prepared an overview and “how to” steps for each.
  • Recycling Services, Inc. –  Recycling Services, Inc. is the largest privately held recycling company in Illinois and one of the largest recyclers in the Midwest. To enhance its website and customer newsletter, we write a bi-monthly column featuring green work and lifestyle suggestions.
  • Yahoo Shine! – Our blogposts on green shopping and living are regularly featured on the home page of Shine!, Yahoo’s website for women.
  • • Blog Syndication – Big Green Purse blogs are regularly syndicated to a variety of blogs. Diane MacEachern is the featured green and environment columnist for and Her content also regularly appears on and the, in addition to on her own award-winning blog.
  • Green Moms Carnival – We are a founding member of the Green Moms Carnival, an award-winning network of high-profile environmental bloggers who, at least once a month, coordinate attention-getting blog postings on important environmental topics.
  • Twitter, Facebook – The Big Green Purse presence is felt in the social networking world through three Twitter feeds and an active presence on Facebook. On both Twitter and Facebook, we regularly supply content-rich information, links and suggestions.

Workshops – Conference organizers rely on Big Green Purse for sustainability workshops that inspire, empower and motivate their audiences.

  • Toyota’s In the Interest of Women Conferences, Texas Conference for Women, American Bankers Association Board Meeting, Pacific Life Insurance Company Board Meeting – Using hands-on displays and a unique powerpoint presentation, Diane inspired conference audiences with an overview of the impacts environmental issues have on human health, then explained how shifting spending to greener products and services helps protect people from pollution.
  • California Businesswomen’s Conference –  Sharing the stage with Gary Hirschberg, Founder and CE-Yo of Stoneyfield Farm Yogurt, Diane MacEachern explained how shifting spending to greener products and services is often not just the first, but the best, line of defense against environmental threats like pollution and toxic substances.

Speeches, Panel Discussions, Roundtables – Conference organizers turn to Diane MacEachern when looking for a green speaker who can inspire, empower and motivate their audience. Recent presentations have included keynote speeches, participation in panel discussions, and roundtable moderation at the following events:

  • Executive Women in Government annual conference
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/Women in Science and Engineering annual meeting
  • U.S. Department of Interior Employee Enrichment Program
  • BlogHer annual conference
  • National Association of Women Business Owners annual conference
  • Heinz Philanthropies Annual Meeting: Women’s Health and the Environment
  • Sustainable Brands annual conference
  • M2W  – the Marketing to Women Conference
  • Mom 2.0 Summit
  • Harvard University

Big Green Purse at WorkEmployee Engagement – Many companies find that they cannot achieve their corporate sustainability objectives unless their employees are engaged and committed to company goals. Taking corporate culture into account, we develop programs that help employees connect what they do at work to what they do at home, and vice versa. We also help companies use Earth Day as a springboard to educate and involve their employees.

  • Clarke, Inc. – Clarke is a global environmental products and services company that pioneers, develops and delivers environmentally-responsible mosquito control and aquatic services to help prevent disease and create healthy waterways. When Clarke launched its new sustainability initiative, we organized a series of hands-on workshops to engage employees in Clarke’s new sustainability goals and help them create their own personal sustainability plans.
  • Frito-Lay – Frito-Lay brought Diane MacEachern to company headquarters to give an Earth Day workshop on eco-friendly choices that matter. All participating employees received a copy of Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World.
  • Lockheed-Martin – Lockheed-Martin’s Diversity and Sustainability Committees combined forces to engage employees in the company’s sustainability initiatives. As part of that effort, Diane MacEachern presented an overview of ways employees can make a difference. Employees also received a copy of Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World.
  • Norfolk Southern – Norfolk Southern’s Women’s Committee needed an inspiring speaker to help their members understand how they could make a difference to the planet as well as people. They invited Diane MacEachern to explain how shifting spending to greener products and services can have a significant impact on manufacturing processes. They also gave all participating employees a copy of the Big Green Purse book.
  • Campaign Support –  We are frequently invited to provide content, perspective, and strategy guidelines for local, national and global campaigns to educate and empower the public.
  • Avon – The Avon Company’s Hello Green Tomorrow campaign is a global initiative to restore the Atlantic Rainforest. Big Green Purse provides monthly green living tips in five categories to help Avon’s customers and sales representatives understand why the steps they take to go green make a difference.
  • Environmental Challenge Oman– When the sultanate of Oman decided to launch a nationwide sustainability campaign, Diane MacEachern was asked to provide the global perspective at the kick-off conference in Muscat, an event that was attended by national and regional scientists, economists, land developers, and members of the royal family.
  • Home Depot – Home Depot and Big Green Purse collaborated on an Earth Day outreach effort that led to a week’s worth of “how to live green” programming on 350 radio stations nationwide.
  • League of Women Voters – We worked with the League of Women Voters of Larchmont and Mamaroneck, New York on “Supermarket Sweep,” a grassroots initiative to empower citizens to meet with store managers about reducing the store’s environmental “footprint” while giving shoppers more in-store green options.

Customer Outreach – Companies tap Big Green Purse when they want to educate and engage their customers about the value of green living.

  • Whole Foods – To help its customers understand the positive impact green lifestyle shifts can have, Whole Foods stores in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states positioned Big Green Purse shopping tips on store aisle shelves. We also held Big Green Purse book signing events in 14 stores and posted the shopping tips to several Whole Foods store blogs.
  • St. Ives – As this personal care products company shifts its manufacturing to more sustainable processes, it is seeking to educate its customers about shifts they could make as well. To that end, we provide monthly eco-friendly lifestyle tips the company posts on its website.


For more information on how you can benefit from the services we provide, please e-mail Diane MacEachern directly at

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