Best Eco Friendly Dog Bed? Molly Mutt!!

best eco-friendly dog bed

Every now and then a company comes along that makes a product that deserves all the praise it gets. For me, that’s Molly Mutt. They’ve made what just might be the best eco—friendly pet bed on the market. Here’s what makes it so cool!

best eco friendly dog bedMolly Mutt is a doggy duvet that you fill with your own clothes and towels.

What makes Molly’s the Best Eco Friendly Dog Bed?


  • bleeckerstYou cut waste. Have you ever found your dog plopped down on your old socks, or a towel you left on the floor? They love it, right?That’s the idea behind Molly Mutt’s beds.Instead of using nasty polystyrene foam or some filling that needs to be manufactured from scratch, Molly uses your own old stuff. It’s a real two-fer.The bed doesn’t make a pad it doesn’t need (and that might contain toxic chemicals, or be difficult to recycle), and you get to re-purpose your old clothes and towels rather than throw them away.
  • You cut your carbon emissions, too. Because Molly Mutt uses only “upcycled” textiles (e.g., your own clothes and towels), it reduces the amount of energy that would otherwise be used to make the bedding.Molly Mutt says it also reduces carbon emissions associated with shipping by 70%. For every single pound of clothing you use to stuff your Molly Mutt, you save 20x that amount of carbon from going into the atmosphere, says the company.
  • designer-sniffYou make your dog happy. Why? Not only is the bed comfortable, but because it smells like you, your dog loves it.
  • The cover, or doggy duvet, is both 100% cotton and washable – in cold water using non-toxic detergent, of course.
  • The company was started by a woman named…Molly! She was living in San Francisco and got tired of trying to keep her pets’ beds clean. The Molly Mutt dog duvet was born!

nightswimmingThe idea is sheer genius. Really. There’s a duvet pattern to match every mutt’s personality (including yours), and enough sizes to accommodate every animal from a chihauhau to a Bernese mountain dog.

Just remember – next time you’re thinking about tossing an old t-shirt or deepsixing your dirty socks, don’t.

Stuff them in a Molly Mutt sack instead!

Sponsored Post Notice: We were compensated to review Molly Mutt, but not to love it. We wouldn’t have raved about it if we didn’t think it was a great product. As ever, our opinions remain our own.

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