The Best Chance to Get Solar Power You Might Miss Out On

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Do you love the idea of going solar – but worry that it’s out of reach? Or too expensive? Or both?

 A new “community solar” program in New York will make going solar easy and affordable for everyone. But unfortunately, high demand also means that not everyone will be able to get in on it.

 I think the availability of community solar is such a no-brainer that I’m working with so you won’t miss out. And I have one simple message for you:

 If you can sign up, you should. Don’t wait! Go here right now and do it. 


 But if for some odd reason, you’re still on the fence about it, please read this post all the way through. For one thing, you might find out you have something in common with Socrates – yes, that Socrates.

 You…and Socrates?

solar energyHarnessing the power of the sun is as old as humankind.  The Greek philosopher Socrates wrote about the advantage of building a home with overhangs to provide shade in the summer and south facing windows to draw in the sun’s warmth in the winter.

If you’ve put awnings over your windows for summer shade and keep the curtains open in the winter to let the warm winter sun in, well, let’s just say, you and Socrates could have been pals.

The Anasazi people who lived in the American Southwest more than 800 years ago didn’t know Socrates, but they were smart like him, and built their homes in south-facing cliffs so they could take advantage of the sun’s changing position in summer and winter both.


The Moon Landing, Panic at the Pump and Solar Power

Fast forward to the 1960s. Most people probably think the biggest technological achievement of those years had to do with us landing on the moon. But that’s also when we developed the modern-day solar cell. This breakthrough solution gave us the ability to transform the sun’s rays into electricity to power and heat our homes, warm our water, and fuel our industries and even our cars.

community solar powerThe oil embargo of 1973 sent Americans scrambling for energy – and also drove scientists to find an energy solution that would make us less dependent on oil from overseas.

Many of us would agree, given the hostilities we see in the world around us, that that goal is still important.

Today, we’re facing an additional threat—one that also risks world and national security and the future of the next generation: climate change.

But the silver lining in that very dark cloud is that, our dawning understanding that fossil fuels—like oil and gas—are driving serious environmental harm has spurred even greater innovation in solar technology.

Globally, since 2010, solar installations have risen on average 58% year after year.

Meanwhile, the cost of solar tech has dropped by 10% every year since 1980.

The US is on the verge of its 1 millionth solar installation.

No wonder Bloomberg predicts that solar is bound to be the most affordable energy generation technology across the world by 2030.

Why Don’t We All Have Solar Power?

Despite all of this progress and our increased desire and demand for solar energy, it’s still out of reach for almost half of Americans.

According to the National Renewable Energy Lab, 49% of US households can’t go solar, even if they want to, because they don’t have the right kind of roof, can’t afford the system, or because they don’t own their homes.

But that’s about to change—at least for some of us.

Community Solar Makes Solar Easy and Accessible at a Price We Can Afford


community solar power

A new innovative program in New York called community solar will vastly decrease the cost of going solar and make it much easier for anyone to tap into the power of the sun.

That’s because community solar doesn’t require any kind of installation on your roof and, in most cases, no upfront capital costs.

Instead, it lets you tap into the energy produced by a local solar garden (a large group or array of solar panels).

Joining will be as easy as subscribing to a new cellphone plan.

And the cost savings will start right away, because the energy you buy from the solar garden will cost less than the energy you currently buy from your utility.

 So…What’s the Catch?

We know that the demand for this new program will far exceed the available spots.

94% of New Yorkers have said they are interested in using more solar power.

But community solar projects will only be able to accommodate 2% of New York households.

That’s why, if you want it, or even think you might want it, you need to sign up for it – now.

Good Thing Signing Up Is Free!

Signing up is free. It doesn’t cost anything to put your name on a list so that, as community solar projects get built, you can find out when you can actually start to benefit from them.

If you don’t sign up, someone else will. Shouldn’t you at least save your spot?

I would if I were you.

community solar power sign up


Our Power is a new campaign to connect New Yorkers to community solar spots as soon as they become available.

By signing up, you’ll get the first shot at available community solar projects where you live.

Signing up is free and it doesn’t obligate you to anything.

But it does give you the chance to be one of the first and one of a few New Yorkers to tap into the next generation of solar power.

Go for it!

Photo Credits
Socrates – Dimitris Kamaras
Sun shot – Art4theGlryofGod by Sharon






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