The 7 BEST Benefits of a Green Home

Wondering whether you should make the switch to a green home? Based on my own fabulous experience living in a green home for almost 30 years, I highly recommend it.  But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s my breakdown of the 7 best benefits of a green home, with thanks to Home Improvements Pages for partnering with us on this post.

2000px-energy_star_logo-svgLower energy utility bills. Living in an energy-efficient home can save you hundreds of dollars on utility bills every year. What are some ways to save energy? Insulate your attic and crawl spaces. Trade in old appliances for energy-efficient ones. Weather strip windows and doors. Keep your HVAC system in good working order.  Many states and utilities offer significant rebates to help lower the cost of these initial investments. Plus, you keep all the money you save when you lower your utility bills.

showerSpend less money on water. My water bill is consistently about half of what many of my neighbors pay. That’s because I’ve taken some key steps to use less water for bathing, clothes washing, dishes and cleaning, and even in my landscaping.

Over the years, I’ve also replaced my toilets so they only use 1.6 gallons per flush or less (older toilets may use 5 times that much). When I replaced my washing machine, I got a high efficiency top loading model, and I only wash clothes when I have a full load.

I do the same with my dishwasher, and only wash full loads. I installed a simple drip irrigation system in my yard so that water gets directly to my plants, rather than getting sprayed all over the yard.  I replaced the faucets in the showers and sinks with models that increase water pressure so a lot less water comes out of the faucet with no noticeable inconvenience.

benefits of a green homeBe healthier. Improving the indoor quality of your air is good for your health. Indoor air can actually be far more polluted than outdoor air because there’s less air circulation, and because people use cleansers and paints that contain a lot of toxic chemicals. Keep your HVAC filters clean.  Use only cleansers that are fragrance-free. And if you repaint, use paint that is free of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.

brush-teethTeach your children. When you raise kids to recycle, turn off the lights and electronics when they’re not in use, help you change the light bulbs, turn off the water when they brush their teeth, and share and swap rather than buy brand new, you help raise responsible kids who will help protect the planet as they get older.

house-for-saleMake more money when you sell your home. Homes that are well insulated to save energy, have water-saving appliances, and built with non-toxic paints and cleansers, garner more money when they’re sold. In fact, the statistics show that over 80% of homebuyers are willing to pay a premium to “go green.” You can often deduct the expenses you incurred in upgrading your house against the profit you make in selling it, too.

new-cwh-sign_david-mizejewski_400x267Protect wildlife. You can have your home certified as Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation if you maintain your landscape organically, plant trees and bushes, plant to attract birds, bees and butterflies, and add other natural gardening features.

Stop climate change. Climate change is the most critical issue we climate-changeface when it comes to protecting life on earth as we know it. When you maintain your home to save energy, you’re doing your part to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that help cause global warming, and related natural disasters, like extreme weather events, drought, fire, hurricanes and superstorms.



Why do you value living greener? Please share!

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