Are You Breathing Icky Air? Or Do You Use a Humidifier Air Filter?

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It’s great to crank up the heat when winter hits and we need to stay warm. But overly warm, dry air can make you pretty uncomfortable.

♦ Low humidity can dry out the mucous membranes that line the nose and throat, causing irritation that may lead to a bloody nose.

♦ Overly dry air can also cause chapped or cracked lips, and dry skin.

To fix the problem, use either a whole-house humidifier or a unit designed for a single room (a lot of people like to have a humidifier in their bedroom to make it easier to sleep).

Either one will add humidity to your space without making you feel like you’re in a rainforest.

Whichever type you use, it’s essential to use a humidifier air filter, as well. Here is why, thanks to our sponsor for this post,

Why Use a Humidifier Air Filter?

Humidifiers work by evaporating water into the air around them. Usually, they’ll draw moisture up through a filter material; a fan will help evaporate and disseminate the water.

A humidifier air filters plays an important role. It’s designed specifically to trap minerals in the water you add to the unit, reports Why does this matter?

“When mist is created by a humidifier, any minerals that evaporate with the water enter the air and create a fine white dust,” says Jessica Kolirath, eHow contributor.

While there’s no conclusive evidence that this dust can make you sick, EPA recommends using water with low mineral content to prevent the build-up of scale and the dispersal of minerals into the air. You also need to use a humidifier air filter.

The humidifier air filter will trap the dust before it escapes into the air you breathe.

⇒ If your water contains high amounts of dissolved minerals, you’ll want to change your filter frequently.

⇒ Alternatively, you can use bottled distilled water, though you’ll still have to change your filter from time to time.

Your furnace may contain a humidifier, in which case you will want to replace it regularly and use the most efficient filter possible. An added benefit is that, replacing your air filter will prolong the life of your furnace, so you will save money over time.

If you don’t yet have a humidifier but are thinking of getting one, there are several styles to choose from.

√ Cool evaporation, warm evaporation and hot steam humidifiers are common. They all need filters, so if you choose one of these models, keep track of the kind of filter it requires and how often you should change it.

√ Ultrasonic humidifiers create mist through sound vibrations, not heat like the other models. They use no filters.

Before you buy a humidifier, identify how much space you have to humidify, and how effective each humidifier type is.

Important! When buying a humidifier air filter, make sure you get the right size.

Our sponsors for this post,, warn that the major air conditioner manufacturers change filter sizes frequently, which could make it difficult to find a filter that fits. (Irregular sizes of air ducts cut by housing contractors can make finding the right humidifier tricky as well.)

Sponsor: is a family owned and operated business concerned about indoor air quality. They provide one-stop filter shopping to make it easy for every customer to find the filter he or she needs. Sponsorships from companies like Filter Buy enable us to continue to bring your expert content at no additional cost to you. Our expert opinions remain independent.


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