All Natural Mascara – Non-Toxic, Safe, Lead-Free

all natural mascara

Do you feel great about the mascara you use? Or have you read those stories about mercury and other toxic chemicals in mascara and wondered whether you should have shifted to an all natural mascara a long time ago?

Worry no more! Kris Carr, the fabulous blogger who calls herself the “Chief Unicorn” at Crazy Sexy Wellness, pulled together this incredibly useful infographic to help make it easier to buy the best, safest, non-toxic-est mascara available on the market today. This was no mild undertaking! Over a year, Kris polled her social media community, reviewed many different brands, then evaluated products through four different lenses: the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep ratings for toxicity in personal care products; the Leaping Bunny and PETA analyses of cruelty-free products; whether ingredients included animal products; and how they performed. The result? The “Ultimate Crazy Sexy Mascara Smackdown,” captured in the chart below.

The good news is, there are plenty of all natural mascara options to choose from. So if you haven’t made the shift yet, now’s as good a time as any to get going. If you can’t wait to go shopping at the mall, drop by our Amazon store, where we sell several of the brands Kris recommends.


all natural mascara


To see what else Kris has to offer, visit her website here.

To make the shift to all natural mascara, start here.

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