London's Top Green Hotels

London’s Top Green Hotels

If you’re looking for an eco hotel when you travel to London, you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty to choose from, starting with high-end boutiques that save energy, reduce waste and serve sustainable cuisine, to more modest hostels that also use energy and resources wisely.  Here’s a quick guide to some of London’s top […]

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LED bulb

Look for the ENERGY STAR LABEL When You Buy LED Bulbs

LED bulbs offer one of the most effective and affordable ways we can save energy and money. The best LED bulbs are those that have been independently certified to meet ENERGY STAR criteria to deliver the high quality and performance consumers want and have a right to expect. The difference is so significant that today, […]

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Save Energy Stop Climate Change

Save Energy, Stop Climate Change, Save Money

On September 21 in New York City, a People’s Climate March may draw as many as 250,000 people from around the world. While raising awareness about the threats we and the planet face from global warming, the March will also focus attention on solutions. What can we do to save energy to stop climate change? […]

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Build Your Own Greenhouse

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Greenhouse

Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to build your own greenhouse. 1) You love fresh food. 2) You  enjoy beautiful flowers and gorgeous plants. 3) You think gardening is fun, relaxing, and good exercise. 4) You wish your gardening season was longer. 5) You want to save money on seedlings, plants, […]

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Naturally kill mold

Naturally Kill Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew stink – literally.  If you’ve ever walked into a mildewed room, you recognized the musty smell at once. Mold gives a lot of visual clues – it’s generally black or grey, and may be splotchy if it’s embedded in tile grout. It can form a sort of grimy mat on your ceiling […]

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Natural Ways to Trap Fruit Flies

9 Natural Ways to Trap Fruit Flies

Are you plagued by fruit flies? I’ve had swarms of them in my kitchen this summer – and they were everywhere, hovering over the fruit bowl, perched on the edge of the kitchen sink, flying by when I was cooking at the stove. They’re not only tiny, but so fast, I could never seem to […]

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homemade organic tomato sauce

8 Simple Steps to Delicious Homemade Organic Tomato Sauce

This recipe for your own homemade organic tomato sauce is for you if you: love the taste of vine-ripened locally grown tomatoes; worry about “store bought” tomatoes containing too much high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, salt or other additives; want to avoid canned tomatoes or tomato sauce because the can linings might contain BPA; or […]

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