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13 Ways to Save $5,000 a Year Living Green

Want to save $5,000 a year (or £3.500) without a lot of hassle, heartache, or sacrifice? I’ve got two words for you: Live. Green. Living green is probably one of the fastest, easiest ways to save money. √ You spend less because you end up buying less, which lets you save more. √ The shifts […]

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5 Ways Decluttering Your Home Improves Your Health

There are lots of practical and “green” reasons for decluttering your home: √ Getting rid of extra stuff allows you to share with others. √ Selling unwanted items earns you extra cash. √ Freeing up useful space allows you to enjoy your home more. √ Giving your excess stuff to others is good for the planet because it saves energy, […]

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non-toxic shampoo

Start the New Year Using Non-Toxic Shampoo

Here’s a simple resolution to start 2016 with: Switch to non-toxic shampoo. Why does it matter? Here’s the lowdown. Many shampoos contain a potent cocktail of chemicals that include synthetic fragrances, phthalates, antibacterial agents, dyes and colorings. None of these ingredients are good for either you or the planet. Χ – Synthetic fragrances and phthalates […]

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