breast self-exam

How to Do a Breast Self-Exam

Do you check your breasts regularly for cancer? You should. According to the Johns Hopkins Medical Center, “Forty percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump.” That’s why establishing a regular breast self-exam schedule is so important. Even if you get a mammogram, you only get it once a year. […]

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green Halloween costumes

Green Halloween Costumes – Swap Before You Shop

Between now and Halloween, we’re doing a series of posts to help you put the “eco” in EEK! Please send ideas for information you’d like us to cover. We’re starting today with a post on Halloween costumes. Come back soon for our tips on non-toxic face paint, organic and natural candy and other treats, plastic-free […]

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Green Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bags

Green Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bags

Skip the plastic pumpkin buckets and throwaway paper sacks in favor of these no-waste alternatives. * Use an old pillow case the kids decorate themselves. About three inches from the top on each side cut out a wedge of fabric to make a handle. You can sew some basting stitches around the edges to reinforce […]

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Organic Halloween Candy Tastes Good, Too!

When I went searching for Halloween candy that I’d feel good recommending to you, it took me a while to find some that met my criteria. It needed to taste good, of course, but also be made from organic and natural ingredients, no GMOs, and no artificial nothing. I’m happy to report I’ve found a […]

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Green Halloween Decorations

Top 10 Green Halloween Decorations You Can Reuse and Recycle

Here’s a list of my Top 10 Green Halloween decorations. What’s so green about them? They: * minimize plastic and trash * use less energy * can be easily reused or recycled, and * save money. Halloween is fun, but it shouldn’t be one of those holidays that breaks the bank or trashes the planet. Here […]

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control fleas naturally

7 Affordable Ways to Control Fleas Naturally

Fleas can be the bane of a pet’s existence, and yours too, if the pesky bugs get into your house. Fleas don’t really care who or what they bite. All they’re looking for is blood and it doesn’t matter if it’s canine or human. Unfortunately, dogs  and cats can pick up fleas pretty much anywhere […]

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plastic-free kitchen

9 Steps to a Plastic-Free Kitchen

Plastics are so passe. They’re usually made of petroleum and chemical additives that can disrupt our reproductive systems and cause learning disabilities in kids. They’re sold as “indestructible” but break into tiny pieces that float in rivers, lakes and oceans until birds, fish and turtles swallow them thinking they’re food. Plastic bags create unsightly litter […]

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