Chevy Volt Electric Car,

New Chevy Volt Electric Car Can Go 50 Miles on a Single Battery Charge

One drawback of some electric hybrid vehicles is what is called “range anxiety.” It’s the worry drivers feel that their car won’t go far enough on its electric battery. The Toyota Prius Plug-In can travel only 10-15 miles on a fully charged battery; the Ford Fusion Hybrid Plug-In, only 19 miles; and Ford’s C-Max Energi Plug-In, […]

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green living seniors

10 Ways Green Living Seniors Save Money

Green living can save anyone money, but for seniors facing retirement, going green is especially economical. Choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle can save literally hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year through simple steps that won’t crimp your style but definitely improve your life. And all that green living will help leave a healthier legacy for […]

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lower energy costs

Lower Energy Costs With These 5 Sure-Fire Ways

  Whether you’re bracing yourself this winter with money saving tips for keeping warm or have gaping holes to plug when it comes to energy efficiency, now’s the time to focus on the big picture. Householders need a combination of tactics to lower energy costs long term, ranging from insulating their bricks and mortar to […]

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Solar Lights Up Rainforest; Rainforest People Light Up Solar Company

What happens when a high-tech solar energy company visits people who live in a very decidedly low-tech way in the Amazon rainforest? San Francisco-based PURE Energies decided to find out. The result: today, deep in the Amazon basin, solar lights up the rainforest. But back in California? The people living in the rainforest lit up […]

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Fair Trade Organic Fashion

Top 6 Reasons Why Fair Trade Organic Fashion Rocks

Fair trade organic fashion is mostly what I buy these days when I need new clothes. Here’s why, with thanks to fair trade organic fashion design company Nomads, for sponsoring this post. 1) It’s Better for People – That’s where the “fair trade” part comes in. In the case of Nomads’ operations, no children under […]

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natural latex mattress

Choose a Natural Latex Mattress to Sleep Soundly – and Safely

  Are you sleeping on toxic chemicals? You probably wouldn’t think so. But it turns out that many conventional mattresses are made with compounds that have been linked to cancer, like formaldehyde and fire retardants. A better, safer, more natural alternative can be found in an organic or natural latex mattress protected by organic cotton […]

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carbon offsets

Use Carbon Offsets to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint This Holiday Season

Want to shrink your carbon footprint this holiday season? Affordable carbon offsets can help. Here’s how, courtesy of TerraPass, our sponsors for this post. Unless you’re walking or bicycling to your holiday destination, you’ll be using some form of transportation that burns a fossil fuel. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, […]

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clothing drive

How I Collected 30 Warm Coats at My Cookies for Clothing Drive

Do you ever see a homeless person freezing in the winter and wonder, “How can I help?” I sure did. I live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, where seeing homeless men shivering under a flimsy blanket is unfortunately common. But that doesn’t make it ok. Last week, I decided to do something about it. […]

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