2 Ways to Use Our Special Amazon Links for Your Holiday Shopping

amazon holiday shopping

We want to invite you to use our special Amazon links
for your holiday shopping. Here’s how!


amazon holiday shoppingamazon links holiday shopping Start in the Big Green Purse Amazon Store.

We’ve identified hundreds of non-toxic, organic, non-GMO, energy saving, no waste products just for you.

From cosmetics and clothing to electronics and kitchenware, we’ve found the greenest items Amazon has to offer.

Our Amazon links for your holiday shopping will also take you to gardening, bath and body, purses and briefcases, and even pet care.

If you want to buy it on Amazon, you’ll probably find it in our store.


amazon links holiday shoppingamazon holiday shoppingGo directly to Amazon. 

If you know what you’re looking for, or just want to browse, click on this link and it will take you directly to the general Amazon search page.

You can still shop for environmentally-friendly products, but you can search for other items as well.


Why are we sharing our Amazon links with you?

buy green holiday productsFirst and foremost, we want to make it easier for you to find a greener, cleaner version of whatever you buy. We believe shifting spending to the greenest products and services available creates big incentives for companies to reduce pollution, limit their use of toxic chemicals, and save energy. When you use the power of your purse, you send a strong message to manufacturers that if they want your business, they’ll need to clean up your act.

The Big Green Purse Green Shopping Guide Principles offer some useful guideposts for using your purse or pocketbook to make a difference.

But also, in the interest of full disclosure, we make a teeny tiny commission on purchases made using our link. Those commissions help us continue to bring you excellent, unbiased content every day without fail.

In fact, if you want to share our links with your friends and family, we’d really appreciate it.

Thanks very much. And, happy holidays!

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